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Bienvenue sur le blog Source Celtique #2 - Blog hommage, à Alan Stivell Cochevelou, retour sur les chemins de terre d'un Barde Breton..."kentoc'h mervel eget em zaotra"

pub tavarn

Happy st Patrick's day 2018 !!!

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Happy st Patrick's day 2018 !!!
Happy st Patrick's day 2018 !!!

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération.

Happy st Patrick's day 2018 !!!

Plouyé : chez "Ty Elise", où Gallois et Bretons vibrent d'un même cœur ! (francetvinfo.fr / 18.11.17)

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"Tavarn ty Elise" à Plouyé (29)

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 "Tavarn ty Elise" à Plouyé (29)

Degemer Mat, Bienvenu(e), Welcome, Croeso i Lydaw ag i 'Tavarn Ty Elise'.

Ambiance positive acçeptée, ambiance negative rejetée.
An hent /Route de Collorec
Bro Gerne/Cornouaille
29690 Plouie/Plouye
Penn ar Bed/Finistere
Twinned with Carrog in North Wales
All times are negotiable between 6am. & 1am., but generally is as follows:
Llun/Lun/Mon: 11:am/11h > 1am/1h.
Maw/Meu/Mar/Tue: 11h > 1h
Mer/Wed: 11h > 1h
Iau/Yaou/Jeu/Thu: 11h > 1h
Gwe/Ven/Fri: 11h > 1h
Sad/Sam/Sat: 11h > 1h
Sul/Sun/Dim: 11h > 11pm/23h
(33)(0)229250115 (pub) leave message.
Mobile: 0699724935

A little bar lost in the Breton countryside with a clay floor, wood burner, an eclectic music collection, Welsh, Irish, Breton, World, & pop/rock we don't have hip-hop/rap/techno, no juke-box or pool table. We do have real ale, organic artisanal beers and local farm cider, malt whiskies(Scotch, Irish, Breton & Welsh) and bourbons. Priority given to live music; Irish session the first sunday of every month, wifi, and an important football/rugby match now and again.
Coreff Ambrée: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2 euros 50
Coreff Blonde Bio: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2:50e
Coreff Blanche: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2: 50e
Coreff Stout: Pint = 5 euros, demi = 2: 50e
Pint of cider = Pint = 4euros, demi= 2e
My photos of Brittany taken when I was out of work on sale for 5euros each.
T(ee)-shirts: 15e au bar; 20e p+p.
Bar games: draughts; chess; dominoes; cards; solitaire; backgammon. Extensive parking & large beer garden opposite. P.S. For the less discriminating of you I now sell burgers for 3:50e .

(The original premise: "Mainly banter, slightly rambling reminiscences, a little bit political, slightly cultural and a touch of publicity for my bar in Brittany".)

Ambiance positive acceptée, ambiance negative rejetée.
(Positive ambience accepted, negative ambience rejected).
Le mot clé est 'convivialité' - 'Conviviality' is the key word.

Nephew Glenn le Merdy & friend giving an impromptu performance outside the pub/bar in the Summer of 2009



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