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Dublin : des militants Pegida chassés par la foule (lahorde.samizdat.net / 10.02.16)

Publié le 23 Février 2016 par Source Celtique #2 in Infos, Manifs, Vidéos

De nombreuses associations (cf. ci-dessous) avait appelé à se mobiliser contre la tentative de militants d’extrême droite d’importer Pegida en Irlande samedi dernier. La contre-manifestation, joyeuse et festive, a rassemblé plusieurs centaines de personnes, et a contraint les racistes à prendre la fuite. Enjoy !

On Saturday we are coming together to show the strength of community and of solidarity. To say no to Islamophobia.
Join together across communities for a peaceful demonstration against the Pegida’s Irish Branch.
Lets make no mistake Pegida are attempting to import a racist, fascist organising model into Ireland, now is the time we stand together with Muslims and say no.
Saturday is an opportunity to send a strong message that solidarity is stronger than hate. That Ireland is for all of the people who call it home.
Who Lives Here Belongs Here
Saturdays action is entirely peaceful.
There will be colour and noise.
There will be spoken word, music and of course some speeches.
Bring all the things you need for a community celebration. Bring banners and colour, bring warm clothes, bring something to drink, bring community and a smile. Bring your voice onto to our streets to say no to those wishing to organise on racist platforms. Next Saturday is a day for people, communities, groups and organisations committed to justice and equality to stand in solidarity not only people affected by Islamophobia but with all of the groups and there are many that suffer where fascists groups get a foothold.

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